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  • Juyondai JDG Namazume Sake Mirai 1.8L

Juyondai JDG Namazume Sake Mirai 1.8L

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The Japanese alcoholic beverage that we are used to calling sake is actually called nihonshu in Japan. However, since most people have known this Japanese alcoholic beverage as sake, it is a term used all over the world. When somebody mentions the word sake outside of Japan, it is understood that the speaker is referring to the Japanese rice wine. It is not to be confused with the sake that refers to the cooking additive.

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage that is mainly made from rice. Although this is common knowledge, this can be considered inappropriate because, in Japan where the sake we know is produced, the term sake actually refers to all alcoholic drinks, regardless of its ingredients. The term is used when referring to beverages that contain alcohol, may it be beer, wine, whiskey, and rum among others.

Sake is primarily made of polished rice. Each grain of rice has to be polished or milled in order to remove the outer layer of each grain before the actual process of producing sake begins. This process exposes the starchy part of the grain. Unknown to many, there are different variants of sake. And these variants are classified depending on how polished the grain of rice is. The grains of rice are polished between 50 to 70 percent. That means 30 to 50 percent of the original rice kernel has been stripped off.

Juyondai is a super-premium variety of sake that is aged for 18 years. It contains 17 percent alcohol and exudes a pleasant fragrant scent. The taste is strong but smooth. The Juyondai Japanese alcoholic beverage is extremely seasonal which explains its scarcity and high price. Even with its high price, Juyondai is one of the most sought-after types of sake because of its reputation as an outstanding type of sake.

  Origin   大阪 Osaka
  Alcohol   17%
  Polishing   50% – 70%
  SMV   -
  Size   1.8L

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